At Fleurville we want to help change the way people feel about products for parents. One increasingly important attribute in our products is environmental sensitivity. You already know that we are one of the few PVC-Free companies in the industry and that we are also rolling out Green-LAM™, our cleaner lamination fabric treatment. We have something new, Re-Run™.

Be a minimalist. Take only what you need. These are some of the guiding principles that shaped the development of our new fabric, Re-Run™. As parents, you are aware of how much stuff you must buy to take care of your baby and how short the product's life is. We wanted to develop a fabric that could minimize your impact on the environment and the amount of gear that goes into land fills everywhere. Re-Run™ is made from recycled plastic water bottles. By buying this product you keep bottles from going into landfill. You are using a product again, so it is a re-run.

We wanted to develop a new fabric for people who want products made of a simple nylon-like fabric that had great environmental properties. By purchasing products made with Re-Run™ you are helping to influence the way that companies make decisions about resources while you set an example for your children.